Structurally Integrated Access Floor Systems

SIAFS is a prefabricated, panelized accessible floor system designed for building wide use to meet rapidly changing technology, flexibility, and sustainability goals. SIAFS is a quantum leap beyond existing pedestal access floor systems. SIAFS will be the floor system of choice by designers in the 21st century.

SIAFS components consists of Access Tiles, Spanning Members, Connecting Members, Spanning Members, Machine Plates, Gasket Surfaces and a lower deck assembly.

What are the benfits?

  • Unlimited depth and openness in the under floor plenum
  • A significant reduction in the building’s overall weight
  • A simplification in lateral design for tall buildings
  • A substantially faster construction schedule
  • A reduction in the carbon footprint of the facility
  • An elimination of the need for seismic bracing in the accessible floor system

Ease of Assembly and Installation

The spanning members of SIAFS are pairs of cold formed steel, or CFS, joists. Because they are CFS joists, they are very, very straight, eliminating the need for height adjustment of individual access tiles. The members are separated by a quarter inch to fit over a connecting member at the bearing points which locates and aligns the joists with those of adjacent panels. Once erected, the assembled panels are leveled with shims.

The spanning members are laid on a jig for panel assembly Steel members are affixed orthogonally to the lower surfaces of the joists for hoisting and future attachment to adjacent panels.

An accurately machined steel plate is attached to the upper surface of the pairs of CFS steel joists.

Cross members are added to provide rigidity and support the tile edges and gasket.

The joist assembly provides a broad surface on which to gasket the joints between the access tiles.

The plate anchors the individual tiles and allows lateral adjustment of the tile plate assembly to properly mate with adjacent panels.

The panels are erected quickly using a small crane or forklift. The panels are positioned accurately next to adjacent panels. Cross members and tiles are installed between the adjacent panels.

The installation of the lower metal deck assembly can take place before or after the installation of under floor utilities. Note that the under floor plenum can be of any depth. The metal deck is sealed from either above or below to prevent air loss and complete the plenum.

Because the SIAFS plenum can be of any depth, plumbing and other utilities can also be run in the accessible space. Flexible plumbing utilities would further expand the usefulness of the system.

In sum, SIAFS, is a prefabricated floor system which is flexible, lightweight, rigid, and accommodates all building utilities in an easily accessible space below the floor. Conditioned air, power and data outlets, and plumbing services are easily relocated. SIAFS represents a major technological advance for 21st Century architecture.